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~Welcome to Wrath of Light~

Who we are:
    Wrath of Light is the place to be! We are a very laid back group that enjoys our time as friends & guildies.  We are building the guild to be a tight-net group that wants to progress the game as a guild.

What we do:

    We enjoy a little bit of everything that World of Warcraft has to offer.  We have many members that enjoy PvE as well as PvP.  We enjoy earning achievements for the guild as well as helping each other gain personal achievements.


    We have been out of the Raid scene since DS where we were able to get almost all the way through HM until the guild began to crumble.  We are currently getting ready to begin our trek back into the Raiding world with hopes of getting our name back out there & enjoying what WoW has to offer.

PvP & Battlegrounds:

    We have many members that are enjoying all aspects of PvP.  We enjoy running Battlegrounds and have been actively running Rated Battlegrounds.  There are many members that run Arena teams and we're always adding to those.  We are always up for a good run at the horde in the open world.


    We all enjoy hanging out even if we're doing nothing at all. We have a Ventrilo Server set up and you can almost ALWAYS find someone to chat with about just about anything.

~If you're looking for a place to hang out and do a little bit of everything. Then Wrath of Light is the place to be.  We are always looking for members to expand our guild and add a few friends to the gaming world!!!

**Warning** Due to our population consisting mainly of adults, we do warn there will be ADULT LANGUAGE & CONVERSATION in Vent!!!
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Last Week's MSV & HoF

TeylaRose, Jul 23, 13 2:09 PM.
    Congratulations to everyone that participated in & completed MSV on our run through it on 7/19/2013.  It was a good run & I was glad to see everyone working together & maneuvering the mechanics as well as they did!!!
    HoF did not go TOO badly but unfortunately I feel that we need to complete it before we move on through the raiding.  We do still have some issues on the mechanics.  I'd like to see everyone mastering the mechanics of all fights before we push further.  It may very well be that we were just tired so I'd like to start fresh on it this week before we press on.  I ask that everyone PLEASE watch the HoF boss fights & have a heads up as to what's in store. 
    All in all it was a GREAT first raid as a guild.  ^^ I know that we didn't get a full guild run into MSV due to some no-shows & late entry.  But that's to be expected from time to time.  I'd like to see more guildies gearing up & getting ready to raid if you are at ALL interested in raiding.  We will be more than willing as guildies & officers to help you gear up & get whatever necessary as I would like to see Raids be comprised of all guild members!!!  Look forward to seeing more of you raid for this weeks run through HoF.  Hopefully we can run in and one-shot them all and move forward into ToES!!! ^^

PvP-- Arenas & RBGs

TeylaRose, Jul 16, 13 11:26 AM.
I am so very proud of us as a guild.  We have pushed Wrath of Light sooooo much further than I EVER expected.  Many of you have been with us long enough to see us climb & fall.  If you have then you understand.  I am truly amazed at how well we work together as a team in both RBGs & Arenas.  To everyone who has been showing up for RBGs... keep up the great work & lets keep up the improvements.  To those who are interested in either RBGs or Arenas feel free to comment or even just ask in guild & we'll get something set up!!!  If our numbers keep expanding and anyone feels it necessary to start a SECOND RBG group than let us know & we can set it up!!!  Keep up the climb & lets see if we can REALLY make a name for ourselves!!!  Thank you all for your hard work & dedication to OUR guild!!! If you are here, you are part of OUR family!!!  Look forward to seeing you in more events!!!
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MSV Boss Videos (10 Man Normal)

TeylaRose, Jul 16, 13 10:19 AM.
Here is a bit of help for anyone who is taking suggestion & wanting to watch the boss fights.  I prefer FatBoss Guides, they seem to have a pretty good handle on this stuff... and they are rather amusing from time to time.  ^_^  If there are other videos you prefer feel free to link them.  Here goes:

Stone Guards

Feng the Accursed

Gara'jal the Spiritbinder

The Spirit Kings


Will of the Emperor
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